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Developing a Plan to Recruit and Retain the Brightest and Best

Working with an Attorney to help you devise a strategy for recruitment and retention of key employees can be crucial to your success as a Company

Our client, a Technology company in Seattle has subsidiary offices in Europe and Asia. The company has staff in these locations and often need to bring team members from these locations to the US, but were confused with all the different visa types and what each meant.

We met with the Leadership team and conducted a detailed needs assessment. The needs assessment included understanding the different roles of the different teams; the educational qualifications of each team member and the years of work experience of each. We then helped the company devise a one year plan to bring in key members on a variety of visas classes so they could come to the US for durations of time that ranged from 2 months to 3 years to help the company continue to grow their US and European operations.

By the end of the 1st year, with Orbit Law's guidance and assistance, the company had been successful in bringing employees on L-1 “Specialized Knowledge”; B-1 “Visitor for Business” and H-1B visas.