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Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility: Incorporation of Foreign Entity/Movement of Employees

Orbit Law, PLLC is a local firm with global reach! We can cover your corporate and personal immigration and visa needs into virtually any country through our network of affiliated relationships around the globe. Through the many years of experience in Immigration law, we are fortunate to have built relationships with Immigration, Corporate law and tax professionals in various parts of the world that are experts in their fields. Our partners are responsive, dependable, and dedicated to providing the same positive experience to our clients that we strive to achieve. 

Through our long standing affiliations with various law firms and membership in select industry associations We are able to offer services for both company formation as well as transfer of employees or individuals seeking to move to another country. 

Countries where we have affiliated partners include the following:

  • Canada
  • India
  • Italy
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Global Mobility: 2nd Passports via Investment

Orbit Law, PLLC also offers global investment-based immigration counsel. Citizenship through investment is often pursued by high-net worth individuals who are seeking alternative citizenship as a means of securing financial stability, personal liberty and safety, ease of travel, asset protection, tax planning and expanded business and investment opportunities. We offer these services to Individuals/Investors that are US Citizens as well as Individuals/Investors from around the globe.

We provide bespoke services which address not just the Immigration aspect of Global Mobility and acquiring Residency or Citizenship in a 2nd country, but also includes a wholistic strategy that considers the various needs of the Individual investor/family that often includes wealth planning, tax strategies etc. We work with a global network of Tax attorneys; wealth managers and financial planners to provide our clients with complete support to ensure they have the information and access to resources they need for a seamless transition to a new country.

Various countries in Western Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States offer Residency by Investment (RBI) which can then be converted to Citizenship by Investment (CBI) as a means of encouraging investment. Although many countries welcome investors, the regulatory process is restrictive, difficult to understand and cumbersome to navigate. Our attorneys will help you research the best targets for citizenship, and then walk you through the process, ensuring full compliance and effective realization of your needs.

Citizenship By Investment Programs:






United Kingdom




St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Lucia