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In order to engage with the larger community, and help people better understand the complex maze of Immigration, Kripa and the team at Orbit Law routinely engage with the public across a variety of Media platforms.

Monthly Webinars: We conduct monthly webinars focused on targeted audiences to better help them understand changes to Immigration Law and Policy that directly impacts them as Individuals or Employers. 

Radio Show: Kripa has appeared every Wednesday morning on "Commentando Las Noticas Con Horacio"; a Spanish language radio show that airs on El Rey from 9:00- 10:00AM on Wednesday mornings. She provides updates on Immigration Law and answers questions live on air. 

You Tube Videos: The team is currently working diligently to stay up to date on all the breaking news around Immigration so as to create quick and easy to understand videos that we will share on a weekly basis on our newly created YouTube channel. We hope you will subscribe and like the videos we post. 

Social Media: We continue to actively provide updates on new Immigration laws, regulations or policy changes on various Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and are committed to doing so as our effort to continue to empower Immigrant communities with information they need to know as changes occur in order to protect themselves and their employees or a loved one.