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Article from January 14, 2021 quoting Kripa Upadhyay on the proposed changes to the H-1B lottery selection criteria as proposed by the outgoing Trump administration. This will fundamentally change the H-1B lottery and allow for selection of applications based on the wage paid to the employees.

Update: As of January 26, 2021, this policy has been rescinded by the Biden administration!

Article from October 07, 2020, covering Kripa Upadhyay's comments on rules targeting the H-1B IT Service companies

Article from August 15, 2020 covering Kripa Upadhyay's comments on the unprecedented 2nd H-1B lottery that was held due to lack of sufficient applications for the first lottery

Article from July 08, 2020, covering Kripa Upadhyay's comments on the ongoing problem of children of H-1B holders aging out at age 21 due to decades long backlog for "Green Card" based on Employer supported applications for H-1B employees who have been in the US for decades and face another lifetime long wait unless meaningful Comprehensive Immigration Reform is passed to alleviate the currently expected 80+ year wait time