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Obtaining a visa for employment-based immigration in the United States can be complicated since the process involves both the individual who is hoping to immigrate and their employer. If you are currently applying for a visa to begin or continue working in the U.S., there are a number of important steps to take. These steps include determining which visa is right for you and the class of worker you are considered based on your profession. 

At Orbit Law, our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way during your application for employment-based (EB) citizenship. We understand the importance of reaching your goals and obtaining the right to legally work in the United States. Each of our attorneys has extensive knowledge and training in immigration laws and is committed to helping you successfully complete the immigration process. We have helped a wide variety of clients obtain a visa to work in the U.S., and now we can help you.

Which Professions are Eligible for Employment-Based Immigration?

The laws governing U.S. citizenship state that an individual can receive their green card through employment under certain “preference immigrant” categories which are based on the applicant's profession or ability in a particular field. There are four main categories, which include:  

  • First Preference (EB-1)
    • This preference is for priority workers and includes individuals seeking citizenship or a visa who exhibit extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. This category also includes professors and researchers who are considered outstanding in their field, as well as certain multinational managers and executives.
  • Second Preference (EB-2)
    • This preference is for workers or any individual seeking citizenship or a visa who exhibits exceptional abilities. This category also includes those who hold advanced degrees in the above fields or anyone applying for a national interest waiver.
  • Third Preference (EB-3)
    • This preference is for workers or any individual seeking citizenship or a visa who is a skilled worker or professional.
  • Fourth Preference (EB-4)
    • This preference is for workers or any individual seeking citizenship or a visa who is considered a special immigrant, such as:
        • Religious workers
        • Certain retired officers
        • Certain broadcasters
        • Members of the U.S. armed forces
        • Afghan or Iraqi translators or interpreters
        • Afghan or Iraqi citizens employed by or on behalf of the U.S. government

These categories also include any investor who transitions some of their business to the United States and produces more jobs. Additionally, if your job title or position does not directly relate to or align with the qualifications listed above, speak with your employer and determine how you want to proceed with the process of employment-based immigration. You can also contact an experienced lawyer who can walk you through the legal process and direct you to the appropriate classification for your specialized profession or career.

Non-Immigrant Worker Visas

Our firm has dedicated time and resources to developing a reliable employment-based practice, successfully helping clients obtain the correct work visa for their individual needs. Regardless of the length of employment or the profession, we can determine the best course of action for any person seeking employment-based immigration. There is a wide range of different work visas and waivers that are available to non-immigrant workers from all over the world depending on your field or profession, including the following:

  • B-1: Temporary Visitor for Business
  • E-1: Treaty Traders/ E-2 Treaty Investors
  • E-3: Visas for Australian Citizens
  • NAFTA Treaty Occupations
  • PERM Labor Certification
  • H-1B Visas 
  • J-1 Waivers
  • L-1A Visas 
  • L-1B Visas
  • O-1 Visas 
  • P-1 Visas

Deciding which of these work visas is the best choice for you can be challenging if you are not familiar with the complex legal process of immigration in the United States. This is why the team at Orbit Law ensures that our clients receive the best possible legal guidance while they are in the process of applying for a visa or a green card.

Work with a Trusted Employment Visa Lawyer in Seattle

Depending on how you go about obtaining your visa for citizenship in the United States, the process might last for months or years. Working with a skilled lawyer can relieve some of the stress that comes with applying for employment-based immigration. If you want to work with a team that will help you reach the best possible conclusion for your citizenship case, the experienced lawyers at Orbit Law are trained to help those who need it. 

Our team has always been dedicated to teaching our clients about national immigration laws so that they can avoid any potential problems or complications. This is why Orbit Law offers a free monthly seminar that provides a straightforward introduction for anyone looking to begin the complex process of obtaining employment-based citizenship in Seattle

If you or your employer have any questions about obtaining employment-based immigration for your specific career or field, please feel free to call our office any time at (206) 623-3352. You can even reach out to us online to schedule a consultation with one of our legal professionals.