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A Talented Sushi Chef's Journey to the US

 We love working with talented artists wether in fine arts or culinary arts. One such case we were very happy to work with was an O-1 application for a sushi chef then working in Japan.

The employer was a Sushi restaurant in Seattle that has won many accolades and is regarded as one of the 50 best restaurants in the city. During the course of the representation, we learned a lot about the art of Edomae Sushi making (Traditional Japanese style Sushi)

 The O-1 required us to successfully demonstrate that the applicant qualified as an individual with extraordinary ability by showing sustained national or international acclaim and that he was coming temporarily to the United States to continue work in the area of "extraordinary ability".

We adopted a strategy which set out to help educate the adjudicating officer in detail about the rigorous 10 to 14-year training that is required before one can be considered to be an accomplished Edomae sushi chef in Japan.  We were able to provide letters from well regarded food critics both in the US as well as in Japan, and also were able to provide translations of comments left on various Japanese food sites about this Chef and his work. 

The application was approved without any challenges from the USCIS and the chef was able to successfully start and build his US career.